Do I have to be at home/present during service?

No - that's one of the reasons ZippyCom is so convenient! You can easily communicate with your Provider via our integrated chat system to discuss any questions. You can even send photos of your yard or vehicle to clarify job details.

I placed an order, but my job hasn't been accepted yet.

If your job hasn't been accepted you can cancel for a full refund and try a different provider.

I parked my car at work; can you wash it there?

Yes; in fact, we can wash anywhere! At home, work, and any public areas without legal restrictions,

Do you need the keys to my car?

No; please do not leave your keys in your vehicle. If you requested an interior vacuum, please leave your car doors unlocked.

Why do you ask if you can use my water for car washes?

If you have easy outdoor access to water (ie a spigot attached to your home) it is convenient for our Providers to access water. If you live in an area with water restrictions or you do not have an outside water line, our Providers will bring their own water source to service your vehicle.

How do I determine the size of my lawn?

There is a chart in the app to help determine the szie, but if you're not certain, you can always snap a quick photo on your phone and share it via our integrated chat system with your provider. You can then go back to the order screen and select the appropriate size. Please note our snow removal service is limited to 50 feet/15 meters. Our lawn and leaf services are available for yards up to 1 acre/4000 meters.

Why do the Providers all charge different prices for the same service?

ZippyCom is an on-demand service community. Each Provider is an independent contractor and sets prices based on location, type of task, and amount of time needed for a job.

Is this service safe?

Providers are background checked and our easy online payments and chat function allows you to request services, provide details, and make payments (inlcuding tips!) without ever opening your door.

Should I tip my Provider?

Just like dining out, your Provider will appreciate tips for good service. You can add your tip to your online payment after the service. Great reviews are also welcomed!

Can I pay in cash?

No; all payments must be completed through our secure online system via PayPal.

What if I'm not satisfied with my service?

We hope to exceed your expectations, but if you aren't satisfied with the service you received, please leave a review. Our ZippyCom community relies on reviews to select the best and most affordable service in their neighborhood. Every voice counts! There is also a Complaint option in the menu for unsatisfactory issues to be handled.

Do you issue refunds?

Yes, if you cancel your service before a provider accepts your job. You can also receive a refund if your Provider accepts your job, but doesn't show up. In the menu, there is a Complaint option. Kindly submit your information for a staff member to review and respond.

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